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In this room, the custodians and purveyors of inspiration and good vibes gather. We play “our” music, not everybody else’s. We prance and frolick with gaiety. The novelty of our compositions gives us great pride and we relish in our accomplishments, if ever so minute and little known. In this room, everyone is welcome. Use of this music production portal is FREE. For advanced production and mechanicals, use the Contact Us form. Record your track and submit to Soundmobile so that your track and your name will be featured in the “Jam Session Room”! We would like to “hear” from you. Enjoy!

Memory In My Soul

Produced by: Back to Sound

Songwriter: Valentino Bozzelli

65 bpm; 3:56; 4/4 time

INTRO (16 bars)
CHORUS (Key of D) 
I want to touch you a little bit, Don’t hold back now
I want to feel you a little bit. Show me just how
I’ve been wanting, To tell you how I feel
I’ve been wanting, To show you I’m for real

Ever since we were small
I wanted you to show me all 
I wanted you to be with me
And wished that you could  see

If we could stand the test of time 
So that then you could be mine 
I’ve wished my empty days had passed 
And I’d be with you, at last

I’ve been dreaming of the day

When I would hear you say 
That you always wanted 
The things that I have doubted

In spite of all my fears 
I won’t shed any tears 
If you don’t think the time is here 
To say the things I want to hear


SOLO (Change to Key of E)

(Change to Key of A)
If my dreams, had all been cast
I would run to you, at last 
Wanting you, just can’t be wrong
You’ve been in my mind, so long

You have always been, a memory in my soul

Only you, can give back, the heart, that you, stole